These Gnorbits have been made using recycled material and heart fabrics for the body and felt for hat. Each hat contains a pipe cleaner inside on the right hand side as you look at it, so you can bend the hat to however you’d like it.


They make ideal gifts for Valentines or Mother's Day or just to send to someone you love.


The Gnorbit poems have been printed on an A6 postcard and is enclosed with each purchase, but choose which one you'd like. A short message can be written on the postcard that will be enclosed with the Gnorbit... for that extra special touch and is included in the price.


Choose between a felt or wooden embellishment to go on the hat of the Gnorbit. 


Choose the poem you would like.

Gnorbits- Pink/Grey - hearts

  • If sending direct as a gift, please allow 5 business days for second class and 2 business days for first class postage.

    Please fill in the custom text box when you order and write the date you would like it posted.