These large handmade hearts were inspired by all the amazing people working in the NHS putting their lives at risk daily to help all those fighting the coronavirus. They have two wooden MDF hearts engraved with 2020 and 2021 as a reminder of the time the front line have been tirelessly working helping people with COVID. The blue colour of the hearts are to represent the colour of the scrubs that most nurses and doctors wear and also the blue skies that appear after the rain along with the rainbow.

“Thank you NHS” can be added on the back or it can be left blank. Choose in the options.

The pale blue cotton heart has been machine stitched and stuffed with recycled duvet/pillows, preventing them from going to landfill.

The size of the heart is (W)11.5 cm x (L)11.5cm x (D)4cm with a 12cm hanging twine loop.

WARNING: this is a decorative item not a toy and is unsuitable for children under 3 years as some parts may cause choking.

Please note 10% of the sales from this item and ANY other RAINBOW themed products will be donated to the charity MIND until the end of this lockdown as so many people’s mental health has been affected during this pandemic. We are proud to say we have already raised £1270 for NHS charities together during the first lockdown.

Large Rainbow hearts 2020/2021